The Analysis of Vehicle Interior Noise by the Powertrain, and Measurement of Noise Trasnsfer Function using Vibro-Acoustic Reciprocity

파워트레인에 의한 차량 실내 소음 특성 및 전달 함수 측정

  • Published : 2007.05.10


Structure-borne noise is the interior noise that results from the low frequency vibrational energy transmitted through those body and joint parts. The relation between the excitation of powertrain and resultant interior sound must be analyzed in order to identify and predict the structure borne noise. The method of acoustic source excitation is preferred than the method of mechanical force excitation to measure the NTF(noise transfer function). Because acoustical method is more convenient and reliable. In this paper, to analysis and identify vehicle interior noise by powertrain is performed, and the vibro-acoustic transfer function is extracted from experimental measurement. These are important step of TPA(transfer path analysis) to identify effect of interior noise resulted from powertrain running excitation.