A Study of Displacement Amplification Factors Considering Hysteretic Behavior of Structural Systems and Earthquake Characteristics

비탄성 이력응답 및 지진특성을 반영한 변위증폭계수에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.04.12


Displacement amplification factor can be used to estimate inelastic displacement demands from elastic displacement demands, The simple formula for displacement amplification factor considering hysteretic behavior of structural system and earthquake characteristics is proposed. And the effects of several parameters such as displacement ductility, strain hardening ratio, period, characteristics of earthquakes and hysteretic models for the displacement amplification factor are evaluated. Accuracy of the proposed formula is evaluated by comparing the displacement amplification factors estimated by existing and proposed formula with those calculated from inelastic time history analysis. The displacement amplification factors by proposed formulas provide a good agreement with those calculated by inelastic time history analysis.