A Study on the Dielectric Dispersion and Absorption of ITO/$Alq_3$/Al Thin Film

ITO/$Alq_3$/Al 구조 박막의 유전분산과 흡수에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.06.21


We have investigated dielectric dispersion and absorption in organic light-emitting diodes using 8-hydroxyquinoline aluminum($Alq_3$) as an electron transport and emissive material. We analyzed the dielectric dispersion and absorption of organic light emitting diodes using impedance characteristics measurement by the auto-balancing bridge technique of ITO/$Alq_3$/Al. Impedance characteristics was measured complex impedance Z and phase e in the frequency range of 40Hz to $10^8Hz$. We obtained dielectric constant and loss tangent (tan $\delta$) of the device. From these analyses, we are able to interpret a dielectric dispersion and dielectric absorption contributed by an interfacial and orientational polarization.