Safety Assurance of Dropper Clamp in Overhead Catenary System(I)

전차선로 드롭바 클램프 안전성 확보(I)

  • Published : 2007.05.17


In the electrical railway, for the improvement of a train speed, it is necessary to study not only the dynamic behaviors of overhead catenary system but the fatigue behaviors of components for a safety assurance according to the increase of vibration level. One of the critical components in the system is a dropper. Therefore, the dynamic force acting on a dropper was measured in the Chungbuk Line and analyzed to figure out the dynamic characteristics the dropper. And in order to assure the safety of dropper clamp and cable, we proposed a test facility as well as test method based on the test results For the further study, we will measure the dynamic forces in the conventional line and high-speed line and make up the test condition, so that the safety of dropper clamps can be assured.