Effects of Slag Composition on the Microphase Change of a Chromia Refractory under Gasification Conditions

가스화 조건에서 슬래그 성분이 크롬계 내화재 미세구조 변화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2007.11.06


The inside wall of a coal gasifier is lined with refractory, and the corrosion of the refractory by coal sag is an important parameter affecting the refractory lifetime and the replacement period. This paper examines the changes in microstructure of a chromia refractory due to chemical reactions with penetrating slag as a function of slag composition. The effects of CaO and $Fe_2O_3$ concentrations were studied using Datong and KIDECO slag. Static corrosion experiments were carried out, the percent slag penetration and changes in the microstructure were determined by SEM/EDX analyses. FactSage equilibrium calculations were carried out to determine the equilibrium products and the predictions were compared with experimental observations.