A Study on Traffic Information Service and Collection by the Use of DSRC Technology

DSRC통신 기반 교통정보 제공 및 수집에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.05.18


Dedicated Short Range Communications(DSRC) is a block of spectrum in the 5.8GHz band. DSRC is the useful technology of ITS Service. Japan operates ETCS, VICS by DSRC technology and DSRC technology is used ETCS Standard in Korea. There are many kind of utilization of DSRC in ITS. This is a study for traffic information service and collection with DSRC. Traffic management server service traffic information to driving vehicle by RSE(Road Side Equipment). OBU(Onboard Unit) in vehicle send the information to PDA(Personal Digital Assistant). Client S/W show the information to driver by text, pictogram, sound and return PDA H/W ID to OBU. Server make section traffic information by the PDA H/W ID information.