Investigation for Evaluation factor of Internet GIS Sites in the Context of User considering Web 2.0

웹 2.0을 고려한 유저 참여 관점에서의 인터넷 GIS 사이트 평가기준 설정을 위한 연구

  • 이호진 (연세대학교 정보산업공학) ;
  • 박희준 (연세대학교 정보산업공학)
  • Published : 2008.05.29


The internet GIS site what offered information one-sidedly by early enterpriser was changed to formation as produced and evaluate by users with paradigm of Web 2.0. We look around the existing universal evaluation model of web site and evaluation model of GIS site and propose new evaluate model of GIS site considering web 2.0. A reference point of evaluation model proposed though this study can proposal evaluation model of GIS 2.0 after develop this as a reference point of a evaluation model considering user participate rate.