The research for organizational system with effective RCM analysis

효과적인 RCM분석을 위한 조직체계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.11.13


In present, RCM has been hot issue in the domestic railway industry areas. Based on this circumstance, in this paper, for the purpose of an effective RCM system construction, a suitable organization structures which are to be applied to the railway system is proposed. Some examples and descriptions about the responsibilities and the roles which should be done by each RCM team, during the RCM analysis, as step by step for RCM analysis are also described. By using the formalized organization, the tasks for maintenance are allocated to each staff and the data for RCM analysis could be managed, systematically, as well. To sum up, it would be expected that based on the systematic organization structure for RCM analysis, the results of RCM analysis, that mean the maintenance methods and intervals for preventive maintenance, on specific railway system could be more reliable and accurate.