The Behavior and Characterization Analysis of Elastomer Seal for High Speed Pneumatic Cylinder

고속 공기압 실린더의 거동 및 특성 해석 기술 연구

  • Published : 2008.11.05


The aim of this paper is to perform a finite element analysis that will have the ability to predict the seal performance characteristics, such as deformation, contact load and friction and also is to provide a means of potential seal designs, which can reduce the time and cost of designing the performance of the seal. The material property tests of elastomer seal are performed to obtain the hyperelastic properties and The Mooney-Rivlin constants are determined from these test results. A 2D modelling of the seal cross section is performed to simulate the contact behavior between the seal on the piston and the cylinder bore under operation conditions. The deformation behavior, contact load and friction of an elastomer seal is analyzed by a finite element method which performs three analytic phases of interference fit, the variations of pneumatic pressure and piston movement under the operational conditions.