Mechanical/Biochemical Analysis of Cell Adhesion Strengthening

세포흡착 거동의 기계적/생화학적 분석

  • Published : 2008.11.05


Cell adhesion is a coordinated process involving initial binding of integrin receptors to extracellular matrix (ECM), recruitment of adhesion proteins, and focal adhesion assembly. The formation of mechanically stable focal adhesion assembly of cells within surrounding ECM is a key parameter to direct numerous cellular functions including cell migration, differentiation, and apotosis. With current cell adhesion assays, it is difficult to understand contributions of each coordinated event on evolution of cell adhesion strengthening since cells spontaneously spread upon their adhesion to the substrate, thus remodeling their cytoskeletal structure. In this presentation, novel approaches for analysis of cell adhesion strengthening process based on the combination of mechanical device, micro-patterned substrates, and molecular biological techniques will be discussed.