Induction Motor Control Using Adaptive Backstepping and MRAS

적응 백스테핑과 MRAS를 이용한 유도전동기 제어

  • Published : 2008.10.31


This paper presents to control speed of induction motors with uncertainties. We use an adaptive backstepping controller with fuzzy neural networks(FNNs) and model reference adaptive system(MRAS) at Indirect vector control method. The adaptive backstepping controller using FNNs can control speed of induction motors even we have a minimum of information. And this controller can be used to approximate most of uncertainties which are derived from unknown motor parameters, load torque such as disturbances. MRAS estimates to rotor resistance and also can find optimal flux to minimize power losses of Induction motor. Indirect vector PI current controller is used to keep rotor flux constant without measuring or estimating the rotor flux. Simulation and experiment results are verified the effectiveness of this proposed approach.