A Modified HE Technique to Enhance Image Contrast for Scaled Image on Small-sized Mobile Display

휴대단말기용 소형 디스플레이의 영상 컨트라스트 향상을 위한 변형된 HE 기법 연구

  • Published : 2008.10.31


This paper proposes the modified image contrast enhancement technique for small-sized display of mobile handset. Sample images are user interface images, in which scaled up wVGA($800{\times}480$) from qVGA($320{\times}240$) that we can see easily in mobile handset. The display size of mobile handset is relatively small, so the goal of this paper is to simplify image contrast enhancement algorithm based on conventional HE (Histogram Equalization) algorithm and improve computational effectiveness to minimize power consumption in real hardware IC. In this paper, we adopt HE technique, which is classical and widely used for image contrast enhancement. At first, the input frame image is partitioned to temporal sub-frames and then analyzes gray level histogram of each sub-frame. In case that the analyzed histogram of some sub-frames deviates so much from reference level (it means that the sub-frame image components consist of too bright ones or dark ones), apply DHE(Dynamic Histogram Equalization) algorithm. In the other case, apply classical Histogram Linearization (or Global HE) algorithm. Also we compare the HE technique with gamma LUT (Look-Up Table) method, which is known as the simplest technique to enhance image contrast.