Implementation of a Controller in a Steering Feel Simulator for SBW systems

SBW시스템을 위한 조향반력 시뮬레이터의 제어기 구현

  • 박원용 (국민대학교 임베디드제어 실험실) ;
  • 유춘영 (국민대학교 임베디드제어 실험실) ;
  • 김일환 (국민대학교 차량구조안전 실험실) ;
  • 허승진 (국민대학교 차량구조안전 실험실) ;
  • 안현식 (국민대학교 임베디드제어 실험실)
  • Published : 2008.10.31


In this paper, a steering feel simulator is designed and implemented using a steering wheel with a rotation angle sensor, torque sensor, and an ac motor for the generation of the required torque. The controller in the simulator consists of a 16-bit micro-controller, a D/A converter and A/D converters. The main objective of the controller is to perform torque control where the reference torque is calculated from the torque map for both the vehicle velocity and the wheel sensor cutout. It is shown via the experimentation using the proposed simulator that the simulator output performance can be easily understood for the variation of vehicle parameters or controller parameters.