Comparison of Extended Kalman Filter and Constraint Propagation Technique to Localize Multiple Mobile Robots

다중 이동 로봇의 위치 추정을 위한 확장 칼만 필터와 제약 만족 기법의 성능 비교

  • Published : 2008.10.31


In this paper, we present performance comparison of two methods to localize multiple robots. One is extended Kalman filter and the other is constraint propagation technique. Extended Kalman filter is conventional probabilistic method which gives the sub-optimal estimation rather than guarantee any boundary for true position of robot. In case of constraint propagation, it can give a boundary containing true robot position value. Especially, we deal with cooperative localization problem in outdoor environment for multiple robots equipped with GPS, gyro meter, wheel encoder. In simulation results, we present strength and weakness for localization methods based on extend Kalman filter and constraint propagation technique.