The Functional Analysis of Blending Brake Control for Stanrard EMU

표준전동차 혼합제동 기능분석 연구

  • Published : 2008.10.31


There are many new technologies for EMU to secure the facilities' safety/validity and maintenance/economical efficiency and technologic competitiveness. For example, now the EMU is using the blending brake technology with electric brake and pneumatic brake and carrying the various performances such as jerk limitation, variable load and blending brake to stop the motor car safely and efficiently. The blending brake takes important parts in braking the cars and It is used in many fields of urban transit. There were many limitations to carry the performances and certificate whether the performances are acceptable in the system or not, because at that time they didn't take the whole prelieminarly inspection. Now we start applying such new methods, taking the whole inspection prior to the installation by analyzing systems requirements and introducing various system engineering design tools. In this paper, we suggest how to reduce the errors by prelieminarly inspection for the brake facilities using the tools and inspect the needs to analyze the brake facilities' performances.