Design of Buck DC-DC converter with improved load regulation

Load Regulation을 보상한 Buck DC-DC converter의 설계

  • 정진일 (한양대학교 전자컴퓨터통신공학과) ;
  • 박용식 (한양대학교 전자컴퓨터통신공학과) ;
  • 김연상 (한양대학교 전자컴퓨터통신공학과) ;
  • 곽계달 (한양대학교 전자컴퓨터통신공학과)
  • Published : 2008.10.31


Proposed buck converter includes load current sensing circuit to compensate load regulation. Because error amp has finite gain, there is load regulation in SMPS. In this paper we use variable current source that is added to positive input of comparator and current of current source is changed by sensed load current. The simulation result shows that proposed buck converter has improved load regulation than conventional buck convertor.