Eye-Catcher : Real-time 2D/3D Mixed Contents Display System

  • Published : 2008.10.13


In this paper, we propose a practical method for displaying 2D/True3D mixed contents in real-time. Many companies released their 3D display recently, but the costs of producing True3D contents are still very expensive. Since there are already a lot of 2D contents in the world and it is more effective to mix True3D objects into the 2D contents than making True3D contents directly, people became interested in mixing 2D/True3D contents. Moreover, real-time 2D/True3D mixing is helpful for 3D displays because the scenario of the contents can be easily changed on playback-time by adjusting the 3D effects and the motion of the True3D object interactively. In our system, True3D objects are rendered into multiple view-point images, which are composed with 2D contents by using depth information, and then they are multiplexed with pre-generated view masks. All the processes are performed on a graphics processor. We were still able to play a 2D/True3D mixed contents with Full HD resolution in real-time using a normal graphics processor.