Voltage Control of Synchronous Generator for Ship Using a PMG Type Digital AVR

PMG Type 디지털 AVR을 이용한 선박용 동기발전기 출력전압제어

  • Published : 2008.06.30


The output voltage of synchronous generator is regulated constantly by field current control in excitation system. Most of ship generator exciter system uses the thyristor phase controlled rectifier. However this rectifier is difficult to realize that the speed control system because its control period is slower than MOSFET and IGBT type converter. Therefore, this paper deals with PMG(Permanent Magnet Generator) type digital excitation system using MOSFET for ship synchronous generator. The organization of this excitation system is very simple. When the generator is under the short circuit accident, the output voltage becomes zero state and AVR can not operate. Thus generator requires the function for flowing output current through CBS. The performance of the proposed system is evaluated on a 10kVA experimental prototype circuit in place of real ship generator.



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