The Study of Electromagnetic Force by Three Phase Short-Circuit Test of Cable

케이블 삼상단락 실증시험을 통한 전자력 영향 검토

  • Published : 2009.07.14


This paper handles with effect of electromagnetic force on the cables by fault current accompanied by accident of underground transmission cable. Even though underground transmission cable is an essential transmission method to supply stable power for downtown and population center, interaction of electromagnetic force from fault current is very large comparing to overhead transmission line due to restricted installation space such as tunnel, etc. and close consideration is required for it. This paper describes the effect of electromagnetic force through results of three phase short-circuit test and electromagnetic force analysis using theoretical calculations and electrical evaluation test after three phase short-circuit test, which will be utilized as basic materials for improvement and development of cleat, hanger, etc. to reduce and release effect of electromagnetic force in the future.