Dynamic Interaction Analysis of Interconnected Wind Power Generator using Computer Simulation and Real-Size Hardware Simulator

컴퓨터 시뮬레이션과 실규모 하드웨어시뮬레이터를 이용한 계통연계 풍력발전의 응동특성 분석

  • Published : 2009.07.14


This paper describes comparative analysis results about the dynamic interaction of interconnected wind power system using the actual-size hardware simulator and the simulation model with PSCAD/EMTDC. The hardware simulator, which is composed of 2.0MVA induction motor with drive system and 1.5MW doubly-fed induction generator, was built and tested in Go-Chang Test Site of KEPCO for analyzing the dynamic interaction with the interconnected distribution system. The operation of hardware simulator was verified through comparative analysis between experimental results and simulation results obtained by simulation model with PSCAD/EMTDC. The developed hardware simulator and simulation model could be effectively used for analyzing the dynamic interaction, which has various phenomena depending on the wind variation and the network state of interconnected power system.