Sound Absorption Characteristics of Permeable Membrane

통기성을 갖는 막재료의 흡음특성

  • Published : 2009.10.29


Sound absorption characteristics of membrane system which are used in stadiums and arenas were investigated. Theoretical studies on acoustic properties of single and double leaf permeable membrane conducted. Also, experimental studies on sound absorption characteristics of combined membrane system that is composed of outer and inner membrane material were conducted. In this study, sound absorption characteristics of each membrane were investigated by experiments in reverberation chamber. 4 types of permeable membranes and a non-permeable membrane were used for experiments. Air space behind membrane material and tension on the membrane was varied. Sound absorption performance of permeable membrane materials was confirmed. As increasing air space behind the membrane material, sound absorption coefficient was increased. In a resonance absorption frequency band sound absorption coefficient varied more dramatically. Sound absorption characteristics were flat in mid and high frequency range and sound absorption coefficient was from 0,3 to 0,5. Also sound absorption coefficient was increased by the increment of surface density and air permeability of membrane. However, over the certain value of air permeability, sound absorption coefficient was decreased. These results can be used as design factors and method for the room acoustic design of dome-stadiums and large free-form buildings.