The study of verification for reliability in train control embedded system

열차 제어 임베디드 시스템에서의 신뢰성 검증에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2009.05.21


Since the embedded system is more intelligent, the importance of the reliability in the embedded system is a lot more visible. Especially the reliability of the embedded system in the train control system is even better important. As the special quality of the embedded system, the hardware of the system is directly controlled by the software in the embedded system. As the expansion of complexity, the expense amd the time for verification is required more and more. This paper is presented the verification of the reliability as the method with background of failure Embedded system is gradually, the importance of 'A built-in on the system embedded system's reliability is focused. In particular, in the train control system built-in of the embedded system, reliability is even more important. The embedded system of the system controls over hardware, software with built-in directly. The more complex system is, the more increasable of depending on the reliability of the time verification and expensive is. This paper is about he characteristics of the reliability and verification of embedded system under the failure mechanisms, based on the verification methodology suggested by in the train control system.