Simulation of ND Filter for Terrestrial Laser Scanner

3차원 레이저 스캐너용 ND 필터의 시뮬레이션

  • Published : 2009.04.23


The terrestrial laser scanner measures the signal delay time of electronic circuit in EDM(Electronic Distance Measurement) Module for distance measurement. To measure signal delay time precisely, transmitting laser beam of terrestrial laser scanner is divided optically. Therefore, 10% of the laser beam power is entered into the electronic circuit and the others go out through lens. But, measure of delay time is severe in the laser scanner system that the laser beam power is changed dynamically by reflectance of a object, because characters like gain of electronic circuit involving APD(Avalanche Photo Diode) and so on are changed by incident laser beam. Therefore, we adapt ND(Neutral Density) filter that has grid pattern to the laser scanner system to keep constant the incident laser beam power. In this paper, we propose the simulation program for efficient design of ND filter pattern. Finally, to affirm simulation program, we conduct the experimental test of simulated ND filter that has linearly transmittance change, and we consider the experiment result.



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