Promotion Strategy of Item Level RFID by Demand Analysis

Item Level RFID 수요분석을 통한 활성화전략

  • Published : 2009.05.29


In recent years, Item Level RFID market, attaching RFID instead of barcodes to individual units for item rather than box and pallet units, is expected to expand both domestically and internationally in the future. In this study, by analyzing the demand for Item Level RFID services which apply RFID to the individual units, we would like to come by strategies that promote and develop RFID industry. This study consists of the following contents. First, we analyzed trends in domestic and overseas markets of Item Level RFID. Second, we surveyed the RFID demanding companies and analyzed Item Level RFID promising service sector, the expected leading field of market, the leading field of dissemination, and the obstacles of its introduction. Finally, on the basis of the results of the empirical study, we presented the strategies to promote Item Level RFID.