Pore-filling membrane with ionic liquids immobilized by cross-linking for high temperature PEFCs

고온 PEFC용 수소이온 전도 향상을 위한 가교된 이온성 액체를 갖는 세공충진막

  • Published : 2010.11.16


The development of high temperature-proton exchange fuel cell (HT-PEFC) is a key in solving the problem of carbon monoxide poisoning of the platinum at anode as well as water management in PEFCs operated below $90^{\circ}C$. In order to overcome these main issues, PEFCs must be operated at high temperature above $120^{\circ}C$. Ionic liquids are available for HT-PEFC due to exhibiting non-volatility and thermal stability. Ionic liquids are however leached out from polymeric matrix resulting in the increase of gas permeability. In this study, we have prepared and characterized the composite membranes with the ionic liquids consisting of 1-(4-vinylbenzyl)-3-butyl imidazolium chloride immobilized by the cross-linkers in pore-filling membrane to prevent to be leached out from the membrane. We confirmed that cross-linked ionic liquids were not leached out from the composite membranes through the various characteristic analyses. It was also verified that the prepared membranes are thermally stable from the result of TG analysis. The pore-filling membranes with the immobilized ionic liquids have a high proton conductivity over $10^{-2}$ S/cm at high temperature (> $120^{\circ}C$).