A Study on the N Values Characteristics of Automatic Recording System of SPT

표준관입시험 자동기록장치의 N치 특성 연구

  • Published : 2010.09.09


Currently drilling investigation and the SPT in parallel not only organization and peculation sincerity quality historian of test to be old the data was abundant with the site ground investigation test which is representative and the research of empirical formula in compliance with many scholar was accomplished and was come. The data which is like this wide is used with geotechnical engineering data of plan and space-time of the field which is various. SPT with tentative voluntary skillful degree record method of variety and technical expert of equipment, according to site conditional is consistent the quality of ground condition but cannot be made to show there is a tendency and specially the point whose is difficult actually accurately to follow the interval which decides in quality as a matter of tentative standard of drill and the test in parallel and a tentative method exists. From the research which sees consequently also the skill of variety and technical expert of equipment of SPT, strong point of the SPT automation logger will be able to complement the problem point of quality etc. of site condition under comparison analyzing should have been boiled about SPT of existing and tentative methods and N-value.