Peliminary Performance Test for MIRIS, the Main Payload of STSAT-3

  • Published : 2010.04.15


KASI is developing the MIRIS (Multi-purpose IR Imaging System), as the main payload of Science and Technology Satellite-3 (STSAT-3). The Engineering Qualification Model (EQM) of the MIRIS has been recently fabricated, and Flight Model (FM) is now in final development stage. The system performance tests have been made mainly with EQM, and partly with FM in the laboratory, including opto-mechanics test, vibration test, thermal-vacuum test and passive cooling test down to 200K, using a thermal controlled vacuum chamber. Most of the system performance test results of the MIRIS are satisfied with the required specifications and its results were reflected in development of the FM with several revisions of the system design. In this paper, we present detailed system performance test procedures of the MIRIS and its results.