Estimation of Bending Fatigue Life of CWR in Concrete Track

콘크리트궤도 장대레일의 휨 피로수명 평가

  • 성덕룡 (대원대학 철도건설과) ;
  • 태성식 (서울산업대학교 철도전문대학원) ;
  • 박광화 (한국화학시험연구원 신뢰성본부) ;
  • 강윤석 (한국철도기술연구원) ;
  • 박용걸 (서울산업대학교 철도전문대학원)
  • Published : 2010.06.10


It is suggested that the service life of the continuous welded rail(CWR) is estimated by the relationship between the rail surface irregularity according to the accumulated passing tonnage and bending fatigue of welded part in CWR. In this study, based on the results of bending fatigue tests of rail and results of measuring tests in situ of rail bending stress, this study estimated the bending fatigue life of welded rail in concrete track, adopting a Haibach's rule. The bending fatigue life of CWR considered the rail surface irregularity, train speed and the S-N curve by types of rail welding. In addition, this study estimated it for the fracture probability 1%, 0.1%, 0.01%. Therefore, this study proposed bending fatigue life of CWR in concrete track.