Study of the Characteristic and reliability of guide rail and clamp for the Y-beam type monorail

Y Beam형 모노레일의 가이드 레일 및 클램프의 특성과 안전성에 관한 연구

  • 고형근 ((주)로윈 기술본부) ;
  • 김영순 (인천교통공사 모노레일사업단) ;
  • 남대희 (한산공영(주) 인천월미관광특구설치공사) ;
  • 정승연 ((주)스타파워 경전철사업부) ;
  • 천성욱 ((주)로윈 사업관리팀)
  • Published : 2010.06.10


Monorail has been classified as straddled type and suspended type. However, Inchon Wolmi Eunha rail, a center guide type first ever introduced in the world, uses a new concept Y-Beam as guide rail. Since Y-Beam takes horizontal loads of monorail through guide wheels, it is an essential structure for the safe operation along with concrete surface and steel beam which take vertical loads through main tires. This study presents the characteristic and reliability of Y-Beam and Y-Beam fixture, clamp, which are not only taking horizontal loads but also guarantying both guiding and stability of monorail and holding power supply line.