Stellar Parameters of M dwarfs determined by the long wavelength optical part spectra

  • Published : 2011.10.05


For the stars cooler than the Sun, it is difficult to determine the stellar parameters and chemical abundances because of the strong molecular lines in the optical region. Therefore the NIR high-resolution spectra, such as those obtained by IGRINS would be a solution to determine the stellar parameters for late-type stars, such as M dwarfs. As using the NIR high-resolution spectra, we are expecting that it would be more reliable to compare observed spectra with synthetic spectra for the stellar parameters. In order to confirm the method by using high-resolution spectra in NIR band, it should be cross-checked against the stellar parameters from optical high-resolution spectra. We have derived the stellar parameters of M dwarfs using the synthetic spectra in the long wavelength region of the optical spectra (over 8000 $\bar{A}$), which is relatively less contaminated by molecular lines as well as telluric lines.