A Comparative Analysis of Dust Particles Collected by Cleaning Equipments in Subway Tunnel

도시철도 터널 내 청소장치별 집진먼지 비교 분석

  • 이영권 (서울도시철도공사 터널관리단) ;
  • 김일홍 (서울도시철도공사 환경관리 P/L, 차륜궤도팀, 터널관리단) ;
  • 조병기 (서울도시철도공사 환경관리 P/L, 차륜궤도팀, 터널관리단) ;
  • 김만화 (서울도시철도공사 환경관리 P/L, 차륜궤도팀, 터널관리단) ;
  • 박종헌 (서울도시철도공사 기술본부)
  • Published : 2011.05.26


Air pollution in subway tunnel is primarily caused from the wear of metallic materials. As undesirable substance, PM(Particulate Matter) can especially harm the health of passengers and workers as well as clog the main parts of rolling stock such as inverters. To improve the air quality in subway tunnel, SMRT(Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation) has developed anti-pollution devices such as Magnetic Dust Collector, Vacuum Cleaner For Rail Road and Particulate Removing Sprinkler Vehicle. Introducing these mechanical devices, this paper is mainly devoted to explaining the characteristics of collected dust according to the result of particle-size analysis and componential analysis.