Examination for Structural Safety of Floating Slab Design and Shear Connector

플로팅 슬래브 설계와 전단연결재의 구조안전성 검토

  • Published : 2011.10.20


Recently the construction of railway sections passing the central area of cities and stations under railway lines are increasing, and then it is urgently required to take the countermeasures against the railway vibration and the second-phase noise radiated from it. The most efficient countermeasure, out of technologies developed up to now, is the floating slab track which is the track system isolated from the sub-structure by springs. In other countries, the source technologies for anti-vibration design and vibration isolator - one of key components - have been developed and many installation experiences have been accumulated. However, in Korea, since the system design technology and technologies for key components are not yet developed, the foreign system are being introduced without any adjustment, and the key component, vibration isolator, depends on imports. In this study, based on the results of previous studies of the dust-control device installation using the slab and go through time after lifting impressive when stepped on power generated by the cross-section of the slab and shear connection re-examined the structural stability.