A Study on The Load Test of Bogie for Monorail-Type LRT

모노레일 형식 경량전철차량 대차 하중시험에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2011.10.20


In this study, the load test of rubber tire bogie for monorail type LRT. Bogie for rolling stock in safety operation of the vehicle as an essential core unit before applying to the vehicle safety and reliability should be tested sufficiently. Rubber tire monorail type bogie compared to the traditional bogie wheel lots of formats, the complexity of the load acting static load test, the bogie of the vehicle operation conditions by structural analysis by considering the loading conditions was evaluated by calculating. Test methods and evaluation criteria based on urban rail vehicle performance testing by applying the test were welded parts and materials for the results leading to material fatigue endurance test by applying the result of evaluating the structure has been identified as safe.