Train Control System (ETCS Level 2) Development Status and Future Challenges

열차제어시스템(ETCS Level 2)개발 현황과 향후 과제

  • Published : 2011.10.20


The subsystems of HSR train control system in each country has developed and operated till early 2000, however 2001/16/EC ERTMS is issued for inter-operability among European train control systems in 2001. So it is trend that ERTMS/ETCS has been applied to not only low-speed train system but high-speed train system over 300km/h in many countries of Europe. According to the government policies of the Honam HSR, metropolitan HSR and test lines, incoming on-board signal control system has been required caused by speed limit to 160km/h on the ground signal system. As ETCS-Level 1 system has applied in our railways from 2003, so our train control system has depended on foreign technologies. In this paper, we analyzed to localize train control system for being ready to protect foreign policies and obtaining core technologies of HSR train control system for instance ETCS-Level2.



Grant : 400km/h급 고속철도 인프라 시범 적용 기술개발, 차세대고속철도 열차제어(ETCS-L2) 핵심기술개발

Supported by : 국토해양부