A Study of Track Irregularity Standard for Rational Track Maintenance

일반철도 유지보수 합리화를 위한 궤도틀림 기준 연구방향

  • 김수정 (한국철도시설공단, 건설본부) ;
  • 이병혁 (한국철도시설공단, 건설본부) ;
  • 이두재 (한국철도시설공단, 건설본부) ;
  • 엄종우 (한국철도시설공단, 건설본부)
  • Published : 2011.10.20


Currently the train operating environment to affect track irregularity is changed rapidly such as speed-up, linear improvement and rolling stack upgrade. The recent track maintenance criteria of track irregularity was quoted from past Japan's, and the needs of revision of criteria are increased because of the rapid change in train operating environment. In case of enhance the track irregularity criteria, it secure driving safety and riding comfort but maintenance cost are increase. And also decrease ballast durability by frequent corrective work. In case of mitigate the criteria, it decrease driving safety and riding comfort, but save the maintenance cost. The study for enacting rational criteria did not carry out so far. In this study, survey the domestic and international track irregularity and case study for track irregularity inspection results and maintenance history for guideline of enacting irregularity criteria study.