A QoS-aware Web Services Selection for Reliable Web Service Composition

  • Published : 2012.04.26


Web Services have been utilized in a wide variety of applications and have turned into a key technology in developing business operations on the Web. Originally, Web Services can be exploited in an isolated form, however when no single Web Service can satisfy the functionality required by a user, there should be a possibility to compose existing services together in order to fulfill the user requirement. However, since the same service may be offered by different providers with different non-functional Quality of Service (QoS), the task of service selection for Web Service composition is becoming complicated. Also, as Web Services are inherently unreliable, how to deliver reliable Web Services composition over unreliable Web Services should be considered while composing Web Services. In this paper, we propose an approach on a QoS-aware Web Service selection for reliable Web Service composition. In our approach, we select and classify Web Services using Decision Tree based on QoS attributes provided by the client. Service classifier will improve selection of relevant Web Services early in the composition process and also provide flexibility to replace a failed Web Services with a redundant alternative Web Services, resulting in high availability and reliability of Web Service composition. We will provide an implementation of our proposed approach along with efficiency measurements through performance evaluation.