AKARI near Infrared spectroscopy of luminous infrared galaxies

  • Published : 2012.04.03


We present the results of near infrared (2.5-5 micron) spectroscopy of nearby luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs) using AKARI. The LIRG catalog is constructed from the cross-correlation between the Infrared Astronomical Satellite and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey data, and optically non-Seyfert type LIRGs are selected for main targets. We search for optically elusive active galactic nuclei (AGNs), based on the strengths of 3.3 micron polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon emission and dust absorption features at 3-4 micron. We investigate the hidden AGN fraction as a function of the infrared luminosity and correlation between optical and near infrared star formation indicators.