Arduino hardware and Android ADK software combination

아두이노 하드웨어와 안드로이드 ADK 소프트웨어의 결합

  • Published : 2013.05.22


Arduino is for design based on open source prototyping platform, artist, designer, hobby activists, etc, i has been designed for all those who are interested in the environment construct. Arduino adventage you can easily create applications hardware, without deep knowledge about the hardware. Configuration of arduino using AVR microcontroller ATmage 168, software to action arduino using arduino program, MATLAB, Processing. Arduino is open source base, you can hardware production directly and using shield additionally, the arduino can be combined. Android AKD is open source. You can create android smart phone application. By the way compatible and can be used android ADK add arduino Manifast. Using arduino program, arduino bread-board design on hardware., create button click, connection with each other. In this paper, sortware was used for arduino program and android ADK, hardware was used for arduino MegaADK board, After making one accessory using the software and hardware verification.