Using Arduino and RFID shield program development

아두이노와 RFID 실드를 사용한 프로그램 개발

  • Published : 2013.05.22


Arduino is for design based on open source prototyping platform, artist, designer, hobby activists, etc, i has been designed for all those who are interested in the environment construct. Arduino adventage you can easily create applications hardware, without deep knowledge about the hardware. Configuration of arduino using AVR microcontroller ATmage 168, software to action arduino using arduino program, MATLAB, Processing. Arduino is open source base, you can hardware production directly and using shield additionally, the arduino can be combined. Android is open source. Continue to expand through a combination of hardware, Arduino. It name is shield. Be given to the Arduino Uno board to the main board, the shield extends to the various aspects and help can be equipped with more features. The shield on top of the shield can be combined as a kind of shield and Ethernet shield, motor shield, the shield RFID hardware beyond a simple extension can be configured. In this paper, sortware was used for arduino program, hardware was used for arduino Uno board, the additional shield using RFID shield. Configure the hardware to be compatible with this tag combined the 13.56MHz tag SM130.