Gemini Observatory - a new opportunity for the Korean community

  • Published : 2014.10.13


Through KASI, Korean astronomers will have access to the Gemini Observatory starting in 2015. Gemini operates two optical/infrared 8m-class telescopes: one on the northern hemisphere in Hawaii, one on the southern hemisphere in Chile. Both are equipped with state of the art instruments and adaptive optics systems that will be presented. Gemini also offers the opportunity for instrument development and welcomes visiting instruments. In terms of operations, Gemini offers to its partners three ways of applying for time: through semester-basis calls for standard programs, through yearly calls for Large and Long Programs, and through monthly calls for fast turnaround programs. Gemini operates in queue mode (observing for the principal investigators and allowing flexibility in the time domain), as well as in the classical visitor mode (where principal investigators come to the telescope). I will explain the requirements and advantages of all these modes as well as a full update on the Gemini Observatory.