A Study of the Efficient Cloud Migration Technique and Process based on Open Source Software

오픈 소스 기반의 효율적인 클라우드 마이그레이션 절차에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2014.05.28


Cloud Computing virtualizes logical resources like cpu, memory and disks etcs from physical machines. This virtualization technology increases computing resource utilization and supports dynamic resource allocations. Because of these benefits, global cloud computing services like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and Apple iCloud are prevalent. With this cloud Computing services, there has been a request about cloud migration between different cloud environments. If one service which operates in a cloud computing environment wants to migrate to another cloud environment, there should have been a compitability between two different cloud environment. but even global cloud computing services do not support this compitability. In this paper, we suggest a process and technology to cloud migrations based on open sources.