Development of static and dynamic stability utilizing superior SUPER concrete 100MPa pontoon

정적 및 동적안전성이 우수한 SUPER concrete 100MPa 활용 부잔교 개발

  • Published : 2016.05.19


SUPER concrete poontoon is developed to overcome shortcomings about corrosion problem of steel pontoon and the insufficient freeboard line of concrete pontoon. Top slab of Pontoon resists truck load or sidewalk live load. The soffit slab and outer wall of Pontoon resist the horizontal and vertical components of wave pressure, and those were loaded along X and Y-axis of Pontoon. Global analysis for the Pontoon is carried out to design its cross-sections economically using a geometric non-linear time history analysis method by Strand7 and buoyance-stability calculated automatically on non-vertical boundary conditions. And the load-capacity of Pontoon is confirmed through mock-up tests.