Research on Laminate Design Parameters to Maximize Performance Index of Composite Pressure Vessel

복합재 압력용기의 성능지수 최대화를 위한 적층 설계변수 연구

  • Published : 2017.05.31


In this paper the laminate design parameters are researched to maximize the performance index of a composite pressure vessel. The pressure-resistant performance and the light-weight concept with contained internal space are implied in the performance index. To maximize the performance index, the three design variables that the thickness of each of helical and hoop layers and the length of hoop layer are considered under the assumption of fixed internal space. To optimize the variables, the response surface method is introduced for construction of the surrogate model and the ANOVA(analysis of variance) is performed to evaluate the effects of the variables. The optimization problem is formulated to maximize performance index under the burst pressure constraint. To verify the effectiveness of the research, numerical analyses are performed for the optimum model.