Studies on the Free Amino Acids Metabolism in Germinating Mung Bean by Paper Chromatography. (Part $1{\sim}2$) (Part 2) Unknown Nitrogen Compound in Germinating Mung Bean

페파크로마토그라피에 依한 發芽綠豆의 遊離아미노酸代謝의 硏究 (第 1 報${\sim}$第 2 報) (第 2 報) 發芽綠豆中의 未知窒素化合物에 關하여

  • Published : 19610700


A ninhydrin positive substance(formed during germination of Mung Bean) which on a 2-dimensional chromatography(BuOH-HAc, and$ PhOH-NH_2$ gave a spot above glutamic acid was isolated by cutting out the appropriate spot on the paper and extracting the paper with water. Hydrolysis of this substance with $2N H_2SO_4\;or\;3N\;HCl\;at\;120^{\circ}C$ for 15 hours gave the spot of mainly glutamic acid, alanine and very faint of glycine and cysteine on a paper chromatography. It is suggested that the reaction of ${\gamma}$-glutamyl-cysteinecyl-glycine + L-alanine in the presence of ${\gamma}$-glutamyle transferase ${\rightarrow}$ ${\gamma}$-glutamyl-alanine + cysteinyl-glycine, takes place in germinated Mung Bean.



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