Rapid Determination of Cesium-137

$Cs^{137}$의 迅速定量法

  • Published : 19610700


Two methods for the determination of Cesium-137 in various foods(ashes) were compared. The one comprises two steps, the first being the separation of alkalies as cobaltinitrites or perchlorates by the radiochemical method, and the second being the measurement of photopeak area due to the presence of Cs-137 by the use of scintillation spectrometer. The other method is the direct subjection of ash samples to the spectrometry without the radiochemical separation. The combined contribution of K-40 and Rb-87 to the spectrum was not found on account of the difference in energies of these nuclides. These two methods gave, a good agreement in the determination of Cs-137 in 50-100g ash samples of vegetables or cereals under investigation.



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