Studies on the Free Amino Acids Metabolism in Germinating Mung Bean by Paper Chromatography. (Part $1{\sim}2$) (Parkt 1). Variation of free Amino acids and Amides contents in germinating Mung Bean

페파크로마토그라피에 依한 發芽綠豆의 遊離아미노酸代謝의 硏究 (第 1 報${\sim}$第 2 報) (第 1 報) 綠豆發芽에 따르는 遊離아미노酸 及 아미드의 變動에 關하여

  • Published : 19610700


Ethanol extracts of Mung Bean seeds and seedings were analysed by 2-dimensional and circular paper partion chromatography for Nitrogen compounds as a part of the study on the Amino acids metabolism. In the seeds, 18 ninhydrin positive substances were present, before germination, but the number increased to 21 after germination. There were 3 unknown substances and one of it formed newly after germination. After 2-days germination, the amount of amides, such as Asparagine and Glutamine. where increased very large which were very small amount before it. Those were accumulated more in dark place than in light and the amount of Asparigine were more than that of Glutamine. Through the germination, there were large amount of Glutarmic acid, Aspartic acid and Alanine which seems to be concerned in transamination reaction in seedings. Valine, Leucine, and Phenylalanine increased to considerable amount after germination. This is very remarkable fact as those Amino acids were reported to be concerned in transamination reaction recently. ${\gamma}$-amino butyric acid was detected in both Cotyledon and Embroy through the germination. It seemed that there is no any Nitrogen Metabolism in the unbroken seed even if it is preserved very long period.



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