STUDIES ON BRUCELLOSIS 2. Incidence of Brucellosis Reactors

BRUCELLOSIS에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) (제2보(第二報) 가축(家畜) BRUCELLOSIS에 대(對)한 역학적(疫學的) 조사보고(調査報告))

  • Published : 1961.06.01


During the period from 1956 to 1959, a serological survey was conducted in au effort to assessing the incidence of brucellosis in various domestic animals in Korea. The following results were obtained. 1. Seventy-six dairy cattle which were imported in the year of 1956 had 9 positive reactors (11.84%). Of 1127 goats imported in 1956 and 1958, eleven(0.98%) were reactor animals. 2. In 1956, of 108 dairy cattle tested 10(9.25%) were reactors. In 1937 and 1958, a total of 155 dairy cattle examined hid ten (6.45%) positive reactors. In 1959, of 127 dairy cattle examined two were reactor animals. 3. In 1958 and 1959, 432 goats in some districts in Korea were subject to test for brucellosis and the test revealed five (1.15%) reactors. In 1958, 683 swine serum samples were examined and eleven (1.04%) were positive. In 1959, 1133 Korean cattle were tested and seven samples (0.64%) showed positive reactions. 4. In the month of July in 1939, 580 beef cattle in Cheju National Ranch and Branch were examined and 111 (19.13%) were found to be reactors. In October of the same year, 157 cattle, consisting of reactor and suspicious cattle groups, were tested, of which 71 samples reacted positive and 47 remained suspicious. 5. In December of the year of 1958, there occurred. an outbreak of brucellosis in a swine herd in the Sachon Branch Experimental Station. Seven serological tests on 438 swine serum samples were conducted, of which 122 (27.87%) were found positive. 6. Dairy cattle No. 33 and No. 35 which had been imported in 1956 and detected as highly positive, were examined for a prolonged period to follow the variation of antibody titers. A marked drop in antibody titer was seen two months after the initial test while the re-increase in titer was observer our months after the first examination.