Studies on the Histo Pathology of Avian Tuberculosis

  • Lee, Ki Poong (Department of Veterinary Pathology Seoul City Agricultural College)
  • Published : 1961.06.01


Since April, 1957, 200 White Leghorn and 100 Newhampshire had been brought to the poultry farm of our college from Songwhan National Breeding Station. The looses due to avian tuberculosis were 67 chickens by June, 1959. Thirteen of them were examined histopathologically. Grayish white tuberculous nodules varying in size were recognized in the liver, spleen, bone marrow, and intestine of all affected birds. The heart rind testis were involved in each case, and pulmonary tuberculosis which, unlike in mammals, was kown to be rarely encountered in birds was observed in two cases. One case showed amyloid like degeneration in hepatic cell cords of the liver, glomerular tufts and collecting ducts of the kidney. Lesions in the spleen presented typical Sago spleen. Sections from the liver, spleen, intestine, and lungs were stained by Ziel-Neelsen stain. Acid Fast stained bacilli were found embeded in the cytoplasm of epithlioid cells and foreign-body giant cells.