Study of 4-Nitroazoxybenzenes (Part Ⅰ) Separation of the Isomers of 4-Nitroazoxybenzenes and their Structure Study by U.V. Spectrophotometry

4-Nitroazoxybenzene 에 關한 硏究 (第1報) 4-Nitroazoxybenzene 의 $\{alpha}$- 및 ${\beta}$- 異性體의 分離와 U.V. Spectrophotometry에 의한 그 構造硏究

  • Chi Sun Hahn (Department of Chemistry, Yonsei University) ;
  • Byung Hi Yun (Department of Chemistry, Yonsei University) ;
  • Hyuk Koo Lee (Army Research and Testing Laboratory, R.O.K)
  • Published : 19630900


The ${\alpha}-and\;{\beta}$-isomer of 4-nitroazoxybenzenes have been separated by liquid chromatography and their U.V. spectra were examined. The n${\to}{\pi}^{\ast}$ transition band of the compounds did not appear, likewise the cases of other compounds of the series. Transition band of the new isomer were as usual as those of other azoxy-compounds, whereas the ${\pi}{\to}{\pi}^{\ast}$ transition band of the other isomer which is reported in the literature shown peculier hypochromic shift and hypochromic effect. From the spectroscopic point of view it is very likely that the new isomer (m.p. $184-5^{\circ}C$) is ${\alpha}$-isomer and the other one (m.p. $152^{circ}C$) is ${\beta}$-isomer contrary to the literature.



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