A Study on the Eddy Diffusion in a Pulsed Turbulent System

脈動渦流裝置에 있어서의 渦流擴散

  • Published : 19630900


The eddy diffusion in the pulsed wetted wall column, where the spherical balls are consecutively arrayed along the axis of the column and turbulence is caused around the balls by pulsation, has been studied both theoretically and experimentally. A diffusion equation is solved for a longitudinal column where a concentration impulse is given at the top of the column, and the experimental results, which are the impulse response measurements at the half of the total height of the column, have shown a good agreement with the developed theory. A method of measuring the eddy diffusivity, which is based on the slope of concentration vs. time in the particular interval of concentration, is proposed and the measured diffusivity is used as a criterion of comparing the theory and the experiment. The eddy diffusion is remarkably increased as the amplitude and the frequency of the pulsation increase but the increasing rate is decreased as the pulsation increases.



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